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Al Buso Venice

Our Story

The bar is just Right under the Rialto Bridge since 1949. It was
inspired by the “Venice Regata” a historical water pageant
that precedes various races with different kinds of boat
(originally these included galleys, peatoni, and barges,
as well as lighter boats rowed by two or more oarsmen).
This unique sport has been practiced in the Venetian
lagoon for thousands of years up to today. This is a
fabulous restaurant, with great views and the cozy spot at
the northeast base of the Rialto bridge and Grand Canal.


Loyal Clients

Years of Experience


The Delicious Tastes of Italy

This is our typical Venetian cuisine, meat and fish
specialties: Mixed appetizer of fish, lunguine,
all’astice, e luinguine granseola, turbot and
seabass grilled or baked. Here you can find all
time classics and taste the best seafood dishes
in Venice.

Just down Rialto, a famous fish restaurant celebrating the Venice Regatta

Our Event

The Regata Storica is the main event in the annual
“Voga alla Veneta” rowing calendar on the 1st Sunday
of September. The Al Buso restaurant has always been
extremely popular with both Venetians and visitors
who can enjoy the show while sitting, drinking and eating.